Technology Has Changed Shopping Forever

St. Louis, Missouri (March 16, 2018)- Online purchasing is the way of the future, especially with popular websites such as Amazon. There can be thousands of similar products displayed on Amazon, making it difficult to know which one is exactly what you are looking for. A drawback of purchasing online is that you cannot hold and feel the product to see exactly what you are purchasing. One of the key factors is to make sure the picture displaying the product is high quality and shows everything you are looking for. Another factor to consider is the descriptions of the products. Look for things such as dimensions, colors, textures, and anything that can give you as much detail as possible.


Ecommerce product photography makes online shopping so much easier. A high quality, detailed image can show every aspect and angle customers are looking for. Product photography is essential in an online environment such as Amazon since the sites are so cluttered with products. Photos on Amazon must meet certain requirements for quality and resolution, which tend to be pretty strict for an e-commerce website.


Zone Ten Studios specializes in product photography and delivers services to people all throughout the country. Their high-resolution photos are Amazon approved because they use a white background and enhanced lighting. This company is run by one man and is based out of St. Louis, Missouri. They have a quick turnaround time of only ten business days, allowing customers to provide input and be informed through the entire process.


Zone Ten Product Photography Studio
5563 Arthur Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139


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