The Creation of Bryzos Bid Blaster


Bryzos is an online marketplace that allows for steel goods to be sold from buyer to seller. It includes steel pipe, tube, coil, fittings, plate, and flanges, ERW pipe. Steel industry veterans created Bryzos to allow for like-minded consumers share their steel products. Bryzos transposed to an online environment after years of sales by these steel industry veterans.

This online marketplace is growing because Bryzo Bid Blaster keeps the prices low which prevent overspending by the consumer. The Bid Blaster is to show how steel should have been sold forever. Bryzos architects understand that the buyer needs the confidence to receive the best possible price for what fits their steel needs. RFQ will be sent to all vendors which are when the buyers can shop listings or request a quotation. The prices are kept low because the buyer is able to select the seller with the lower cost. There are a couple of steps while a customer is using the Blaster which include uploading a BOM, entering specifics about the deal, and submitting the BOM to the marketplace. Many suppliers will compete for your business by sending quotas to you about your BOM. The buyer is able to accept or reject offers to the seller for something like galvanized steel so a buyer and seller are able to work out a deal. The Bid Blaster is creating buyer confidence which will eventually lead to a growing marketplace. Bryzos Bid Blaster is revolutionizing the way to buy and sell steel in the market.




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