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The city of St. Louis is known as the Gateway City to the West. It is also known for its legendary arch’s, its famous baseball team, and as the headquarters of Anheuser Busch beer company. Did you also know that St. Louis is a city that has more fee attractions than most other cities in the nation? That’s right, there are plenty of things you and your family can do once you arrive in the Lou. Here are 28 things to do in St. Louis on your next visit.

  1. The Museum of the Gateway Arch

This museum is one of St. Louis’s premier attractions. When most people visit this city, they will usually take a trip to this location to check out the world-famous arches. The museum next to the arches and people can learn about St. Louis from its humble beginnings. Families can keep their kids busy with hands-on activities while they attend. Keep in mind that the museum is free, but it will cost money to explore the arch.

  1. The St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo is another friendly tourist spot that is absolutely free to visit. However, some attractions and events inside of the zoo will cost money. There are plenty of exotic and international animals for people to see. The zoo also has great exhibits. By the way, the St. Louis zoo is considered one of the best in the U.S.

  1. St. Louis Art Museum

This is the city’s art museum that provides free entrance for anyone who wants to view their unique art collection. Some of the exhibits do cost money. However, if you visit on a Friday, you usually don’t have to pay money to see exhibits.

  1. Kiener Plaza

Kiener Plaza is located in the downtown area of St. Louis. This is a family-friendly hangout spot for parents and their kids. There are playgrounds, water activities, and even an early morning Yoga class. Kiener Plaza is usually busy between late spring and early fall. Some of the events that take place at this location do cost money, but most do not. Call ahead to see what you can do for free.

  1. The Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse is an aged building that was around from the early days of America. This courthouse played a role in the development of the city. It is a part of the Gateway Arch National Park. Tours are provided for people who attend. Visitors should call in advance before attending.

  1. Beaux Arts Central Library

This library is one of the city’s biggest storehouses of knowledge and information. It is so huge, that it literally covers a whole entire block. The library has typical information, knowledge, and entertainment resources. When you’re in St. Louis you should try to see it for yourself. It is free to the public.

  1. Union Station Lightshow

Every day from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. there is a light show at the historic Union Station. This place is located in downtown St. Louis. The show starts later in the summer months and earlier during the fall and winter seasons. It’s absolutely free but call ahead to get more details.

  1. Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum is another one of the city’s premier art repositories that is free to the public. This museum is loaded with all sorts of artworks from around the world, the United States, and from a few artists who are located in St. Louis.

  1. The St. Louis Science Center

This is a fun place to visit during your stay in St. Louis. It has lots of activities for kids and adults. This museum is usually busy during the school year with various students visiting the building for learning purposes. The St. Louis Science Center is free but some of the exhibits and special events do cost.

  1. Anheuser-Bush Brewery

The Anheuser-Bush Brewery company makes beer, and they also offer free tours to families. Kids can ride the famous Clydesdale horses and they can get free soft drinks. Dads and moms who drink beer can get free samples. The tours last about an hour.

  1. The Schlafly Tap Music and Room

This is another brewery in St. Louis that offers tours. Visitors will see how this powerful beer company tried to eliminate the competition to dominate the beer market. They too provide free beer for the parents and pop for the kids.

  1. Soulard Farmers Market

This is a local St. Louis market that sells produce and other goods. This farmers market is a great place for visitors to experience and interact with the locals. It is free to the public.

  1. Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum is another museum that provides a different set of art pieces for people to enjoy. The pieces come from different parts of the world and have unique artistic styles. This museum is also free to the public.

  1. The Muny

This is an outdoor venue spot in St. Louis that features outside musical shows from various local artists. Sometimes, they will even have nationally recognized artists perform at this venue. It’s usually free to attend but call ahead to make sure. Don’t forget that this venue doe charges for food and drinks if you decide to attend.

  1. Citygarden

Citygarden is a free urban landscape that provides families with lots of “free” things to do. Parks and exploring lush environments are available in this place. People can also see free concerts on Wednesdays during the spring and summer months.

  1. Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

This is an educational type of museum that teaches people about the life of a soldier. It covers soldiers from the American Revolutionary War and soldiers from today’s modern battlefields. It’s free to attend.

  1. The Economy Museum

The Economy Museum that is located in St. Louis is another educational center. This museum focuses on the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Tourists can get a free tour to learn about how the economy works and the role they play in it.

  1. St. Louis Walk of Fame

The St. Louis Walk of Fame is a tribute to the famous people who were born in this city. Entertainers, musicians, and actors such as John Goodman, Nelly, and Chuck Berry are just some of the many talented people who emerged into stardom from this location. This attraction consists of 140 stars and it can be found near a restaurant called the Delmar Loop. Visitors can start at the Delmar Loop and walk the stars until they near Washington University.

  1. Purina Farms Visitors Center

Tourists can visit this attraction for free. When they arrive, they will be able to interact with all sorts of different barnyard animals and pets. Purina Farms will also have haylofts and other barnyard areas to explore. The admission is free and there are other things to do there as well.

  1. Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

The famous Civil War General, Ulysses S. Grant used to live in southern St. Louis at different times during his life. His home was preserved as a historical monument. Visitors can now take free tours to experience how he lived and to see how life was during the Civil War Years.

  1. Moto Museum

This museum focuses on various motorcycles and where they were manufactured. A lot of European-based motorcycles from the past and present are featured here. The museum offers tours and they’re free. Visitors should call ahead to avoid delays with tours.

  1. National Great River Museum

This museum tells the story of the people of St. Louis. It provides tours and other things to do for tourists. The museum is free to attend but some of the events and attractions inside of the museum might cost money.

  1. Holocaust Museum and Learning Museum

This is an important museum that tells the story of the Holocaust. It has exhibits from that time such as Nazi-themed art collections. It also tells the tale of the Jewish people and how they reclaimed their nation. This museum shouldn’t be overlooked. The tours are free.

  1. St Louis University Museum of Art

This museum features works from Asia and from Catholic Jesuits who traveled the world. The museum is open to the public and it features unique art collections from different eras.

  1. Lewis and Clark State Historic Site

Lewis and Clark were two famous explorers from the past. They have a historic site that talks about their discoveries and informs visitors about their life. The museum I free to the public.

  1. Laumeier Sculpture Park and Museum

This is a sculpture park in St. Louis that has 105 acres available for people to explore various sculpted pieces. Local, national, and even international sculptors contribute to this park area. All of the pieces inside Laumeier are original artistic creations. It is free to visit until sunset.

  1. Cathedral Basilica St. Louis

This is a sculpted Basilica in St. Louis that was open to the public in 1914. This old building provides free tours and is a great place for people to see some of the original architecture in the St. Louis area.

  1. World Chess Hall of Fame

The World Chess Hall of Fame is a great place to visit for chess lovers. It has the world’s tallest chess piece and it explores various aspects of the game. Tourists can find out when the game was invented, how it was played for thousands of years, and they will discover who are the best chess players in history. This museum is free to the public.

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