Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ladue Missouri Historical Facts And Updates

Visit the tree-canopied neighborhood of Ladue – where not only locals but visitors can have a great time and experience a rather unique dining and shopping experience. Upscale menswear, European/American antiques, fashion boutiques, gourmet foods, jewelry stores, and interior design resources are all available to visit in the city of Ladue.

Make your start at Schneithorst Village – where you can visit the local boutiques, have a great breakfast or brunch, and find places to exercise.

Once you have finished with that, go down to the Clayton Road Business District, east of the village, to visit a small community (of about a quarter of a mile), filled with several different interesting shops, bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, smoothie shops, as well as a hardware store for your needs. The local pharmacy also houses the US Post Office, so take advantage of the convenience in mailing souvenirs and the like to friends and family back home.

After you have poked around a little bit, go down past Ladue City Hall, to find the ClayPrice Shopping Center – which not only contains several local restaurants, but also jewelry stores and specialty stores.

At the east end of the community, the Colonel Marketplace and Ladue Crossing, you can also find another ice cream shop, a bookseller, more local restaurants and other unique haunts.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve come to Ladue to do – whether it’s the grocery shop, find a unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry, a designer gown, an antique clock, what time happy hour is, or where the best place to get a bite to eat is – Ladue is has everything you’ll ever need.

Dear Friends and Neighbors, fall has always been busy with our town. Our road crews are just about finished up making repairs and regular maintenance on the sidewalks and roads to prepare for winter.

We will have to rake up the leaves before long and we are looking forward to a productive and busy holiday season. Ladue has several public utility projects that will be carried out – the largest one being the MSD Sanitary Sewer Replacement DC-02/DC-03 Project. The construction management firm Black and Veatch have been hired by MSD. If you have any concerns or questions about the project, please call Kevin Nelson at (314-802-7038). Also, Ameren is working on a project that should increase the reliability of electricity and reduce power outages. Laclede Gas is also updating some of their lines.

While City staff and officials have always worked to support all public utilities and are the first to advocate on your behalf, as well as for the common good, it is important to note that each utility maintains its own infrastructure. While maintenance work is always appreciated, it should be noted that it can be disruptive sometimes, and we ask for your patience and cooperation. We are always here to advocate for you.

Ladue City has an incredibly comprehensive plan on its way – this is a way for the City to showcase its vision for the future. We thank the Zoning and Planning Commission, City Council, and the Citizen Advisory Committee for their participation throughout this entire process. We look forward to hearing the thoughts of our informed citizenry.

The Annual Trustee Meeting was very well attended and I was glad to meet with our new trustees and reconnect with our remaining members. Lane trustees know such a wealth and depth of information, that if you ever have any questions, you should definitely contact one of them. They represent you and will be happy to answer your questions. We are always in contact with our lane trustees and trust them to inform you of the comings and goings. Several of the improvements we’ve made over the past few years have been based on the feedback from the lane trustees.

Ladue has recently launched a social networking page – on Facebook and Instagram. “Like” our page – the City of Ladue – if you have not already, and hit the follow button on Instagram to get the most important news about Ladue delivered straight to your phone instantly. We also have a website where you can sign up for email alerts! Check it out to see our regularly added content!

We do have a 24-hour police presence in town – which has helped cut down on the need for our services – but please remember to lock your doors and valuables! Some arrests have been made, but it is suspected that there are several groups operating in the wider St. Louis area. If you see anything you believe to be suspicious, please call 911 – we are here for you!

Shop local and support the great city of Ladue Missouri!

The Ladue Garden Club has launched a site called Visit the site and find information on your favorite native plants, find inspiration in arrangements, and join the new committee – Ladue A Tree City. Articles on recycling and composting will be available later this year! We also have a list of grant recipients over the past ten years!

The Ladue Garden Club link is also available to you on the City of Ladue website, under the Conservation Conversation page.




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